Pismo podrške iz Nantonga N.R.Kina

Dear Rade Zejak:

Time flies. It has been half a year since we last met in Nantong. During this period, COVID-19 occurrs around the world, and according to the data I have seen today, it is still raging around the world, with no sign of abating for the time being.

A month ago, the epidemic was effectively controlled in China, and our school was delayed for two months to open until April 7th. A total of 40 cases have been confirmed in Nantong, with no death. Fortunately, there have been no confirmed cases in our school district.

I have learned that COVID-19 has been infected in Serbia since early March. There are still many new cases every day. I understand that your epidemic control is still under pressure. Last month, I was pleased to see that President Xi sent a letter of sympathy to President Vučić on COVID-19, and our medical staff also came to Belgrade to help.

I am very concerned about the epidemic situation in your school and believe that your efforts can defeat the virus. Our school is willing and will do our best to provide you with help and support against the epidemic.

I hope that this epidemic will be over soon, so that schools and society can return to a normal order.

Your reply will be highly appreciated.

                                                           Truly yours,            Yubin Chen, Schoolmaster of Nantong no. 2 middle school

                                                         28 April, 2020

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